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Terms of Use

To Both Site Information Users and Advertizers

  1. There are two categories of advertisements on this site. Standard ads that are displayed in rows, and premier ads that are displayed in separate colored boxes. Placement of premier ads will be free until 31 August 2013, while placement of standard ads will be free until 30 November 2013. Thereafter, a tariff guide to be published later on this page shall apply.

  2. In case you encounter any difficulties in the use of this site, please use the Contact page to drop us a note. We shall be happy to make improvements in line with the user feedback.

To Site Information Users

  1. The Site Administrator does not warrant the authenticity or accuracy of information contained in the ads placed on this site.

  2. Exercise caution in your interation with the contact persons and organizations listed in the ads.

  3. Avoid paying any money to advertizers, or incurring any substantial expenses, until you are satisfied that you will get a good product or service.

  4. The Site Administrator will not be liable to any site information user for loss or damage caused as a result of acting on any advertisement published on this website.

To Advertizers

  1. Exercise care when typing out your standard advertisement. Read through what you have typed before clicking the Submit button. Once published, an ad will remain as-is until it is stopped or the ad period expires.

  2. To place a premier ad, please contact the Site Administrator using the Contact page.

  3. If an advertized asset is taken up prior to expiry of the ad, an advertizer shall have the option of stopping the ad. However, there will be no refund of any advertizing fees paid.

  4. If you wish, you can place both a standard ad and a premier ad in respect of the same real estate asset.

  5. To ensure equitable use of this medium, no single advertizer may place more than two ads of the same category per day, e.g., do not place more that two ads per day in respect of plots available for sale.
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