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Shikana 4 Residents (S4R) TM
Description: This is a computer program for use in the context of running an estate residents association - a chama. It is intended for use by the treasurer of such a group. It is a database system that focusses on 2 concepts:

(a) Data capture and transaction processing;
(b) Data analysis and preparation of accounting reports.

Latest Version: 1.3 (released in March 2014)

Price (KES): 18,500 only, inclusive of 6 hours user training.

Features Summary:
  • Registration of house owners and residents;
  • Invoicing, including proforma invoices;
  • Levying of ad hoc charges (fines, penalties, etc);
  • Receiving payments;
  • Banking transactions;
  • Tracking of recurrent expenses;
  • Tracking of investments;
  • Refunds;
  • Appropriation of annual surplus;
  • Data analysis and reporting;
  • House-keeping tasks, e.g., updating of the charging scheme.
Benefits of Using S4R:   Data collection and quantification
What you cannot quantify, you cannot control. Shikana 4 Residents enables you to collect together, store, and quantify your revenues, expenses, investments, etc. These totals provide you with a better opportunity to control your chama's affairs.

  The Bottom Line
Periodical operating results are available to you at the click of a button. This enables you to make future plans based on solid information.

  Easier tracking of debtors
No matter how many members you have, monitoring their payments becomes very easy. Debtors information is always at hand.

You need not retain a manual receipt book anymore. As long as you have a computer printer at your disposal, you can issue computer-generated receipts and other vouchers. What’s more, a receipt for a given payment can be printed out even years after receiving the money.

  Containment of book-keeping costs
For groups with many members, a lot of transaction data is generated. The analysis of such data would require procurement of book-keeping services from time to time. This expense can be avoided by investing in Shikana 4 Residents.

  Minimal cost outlay
With a price tag of only 18,500 Kenya shillings, S4R is cheap and easy to use. You also get unrivaled user support.

Key Reports: More than 30 different reports are available in S4R; some notable ones include:
  • Membership list
  • Charging scheme
  • Monthly and quarterly proforma invoices
  • Payment receipts and other vouchers
  • Member statement of account
  • Cashbook
  • Debtors list
  • Expenses report
  • Investment status report
  • Trial balance
  • Association's income & expenditure report
  • Balance sheet