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Privacy Policy
  1. Any person who advertizes on this site will usually provide contact details by way of a name, telephone number and possibly an email address. For an ad to be meaningful, it will be necessary for us to publish such contact details. No advertizer may claim that his right to privacy has been compromised on account of his contact details being so published on this website. For our own accounting, we may retain such details with us beyond the validity period of an advert.

  2. We undertake not to use advertizer's contact details in a manner inconsistent with the purpose for which they are provided. We shall not rent out, sell, or otherwise deal in the clients' contact details obtained through this site. However, such details could be shared with officials under court orders.

  3. We will not use an advertizer's contact details provided on this site to promote any of our products or services to him.

  4. This policy may be updated from time to time to take care of changing circumstances.
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