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Daftari PMSTM
This is a computer program for use in managing the data and transactions arising while renting out dwellings and business places to tenants. It is intended for use by real estate agents. Daftari PMS is a product for the digital property manager. This property management software (PMS) revolves around 3 concepts:

(a) Data capture and transaction processing;
(b) Statistical data analysis and reporting;
(c) Preparation of accounting reports.

Latest Version: 1.3 (released in April 2014)

Price (KES): 45,000 only, inclusive of 6 hours user training.

Features Summary:
  • Renting/leasing out dwellings/business places;
  • Receiving payments;
  • Repairs and renovations;
  • Posting of other recurrent expenses;
  • Billing, surcharging and penalties;
  • Remittances to landlords;
  • Refunds;
  • Sale of plots;
  • Sale of houses;
  • Data analysis and reporting;
  • House-keeping tasks.
Key Reports: Many different reports can be generated using the system; some notable ones include:
  • Current tenants list
  • Vacant rentable units
  • Vacant rentable unit pin-up poster
  • Payment receipts and other vouchers
  • Tenant statement of account
  • Landlord statement of account
  • Payment arrears report
  • Deposits held report
  • Tenant retention report
  • Plots available for sale
  • Expenses analysis
  • Income & expenditure report
Benefits of Using Daftari PMS:   Data collection and quantification
What you cannot quantify, you cannot control. Daftari PMS enables you to collect together, store, and quantify your real estate holdings, revenues and expenses. These totals make it easier to control your business affairs.

  Electronic billing
If you have a policy of billing tenants for services like garbage collection or security, you can route these charges through the system to the individual tenant accounts.

  The Bottom Line
End of year business results are available to you at the click of a button. Knowing your overall business performance is not just comforting. It also enables you to make future plans based on solid information.

  Easier tracking of tenants
No matter how many tenants have been entrusted to you, tracking of service requests and rent payments becomes very easy. You even get detailed summaries of your tenantsí rent payment habits.

You need not retain a manual receipt book anymore. You can issue computer-generated receipts and other vouchers. Whatís more, a receipt for a given payment can be reprinted even years after receiving the money.

  Tax returns
Assisting landlords with the information they need to file tax returns becomes very easy. Details about their gross and net rent are available at the click of a mouse button.

  Containment of book-keeping costs
For agents with many tenants, a lot of transaction data is generated. The analysis of such data would require procurement of book-keeping services from time to time. This expense can be avoided by investing in Daftari PMSTM.

Publicizing vacant rentable units becomes easier. The system enables you to print out publicity leaflets and A4-size pin-up posters at any time.

  Corporate image
Effective use of Daftari PMS can lead to significant operational efficiency. This can translate to a better corporate image.