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The Bookstar (TBS)TM
Description: A computer program for use in managing the data and transactions arising while running a private bookstore. TBS is both a point of sale (POS) system and a management reporting system that incorporates inventory control.

Latest Version: 1.1 (released in May 2011)

Price (KES): 15,500 only, inclusive of 4 hours user training.

Features Summary:
  • Recording of textbook data and receiving textbook supplies;
  • Recording of magazine data and receiving magazine supplies;
  • Recording of assorted products data and receiving assorted products supplies;
  • Maintenance of supplier data;
  • Maintenance of credit customer data;
  • Cash sales;
  • Credit sales, including credit control;
  • Receiving payments from credit customers;
  • Preparation of various textbook, magazine and assorted product reports;
  • Preparation of various sales reports;
  • Capturing of recurrent expenses;
  • Preparation of recurrent expenses reports;
  • Preparation of a periodical income and expenditure report;
  • House-keeping tasks.
Benefits of Using TBS:   Inventory control
The Bookstar enables you to monitor your inventory levels and movements electronically. This will help you avoid running out of stock. It can also help you avoid overstocking, thus reducing your investment in stocks. A detailed supplier list is available, enabling you to place your purchase orders more easily.

  Credit management
The system enables you to sell to credit customers, while ensuring that the stipulated credit conditions are being observed. This can help you increase sales while avoiding the risk of bad debts.

  Customer service
Whereas you can serve your customers by issuing hand-written receipts, electronically printed ones are neater and can contain more details. Customers can also be served faster. Customer enquiries about books and other merchandise can be addressed quickly and exhaustively. Happy customers become loyal customers.

  Bottom line performance reporting
The Bookstar provides you with detailed sales reports on demand. It also provides you with a periodical income and expenditure report at the click of a button. This information empowers you to make well informed management decisions.

  Containment of book-keeping costs
For bookstores with many customers, a lot of transaction data is generated. Analysis of such data would require procurement of book-keeping services from time to time. This expense can be minimized by investing in The Bookstar. If you will be filling tax returns, the process becomes very easy. Details about your gross and net income are available at the click of a mouse button.

Key Reports: More than 30 different reports can be generated using the system. Some notable ones include:
  • Several textbook reports, including a catalogue
  • Several magazine reports
  • Several assorted products reports
  • Credit sales delivery note / invoice
  • Credit customer statement of account
  • Payment receipts
  • Several sales reports
  • Debtors list
  • List of items due for re-order
  • Supplier list
  • Expenses reports
  • Periodical income & expenditure report